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Фенологические наблюдения и пр.
For Eduardo Marabuto | Moths for ID 
15th-Dec-2006 02:40 pm
Here's a batch of various moths from the Algarve (Ferragudo, August-September 2006).
Some are totally unidentified, while on some I'd like a second opinion.

Bembecia sp.:

This, I guess, is Chondrostega vandalicia:
Update: Oiketicoides febretta or O. tebaldii (Psychidae):

There were two phenotypes of Eilema sp. The bolder-coloured one was recognised by you as E. caniola:

The other one is less contrasting, it only appeared towards the end of my stay:
Update: also E. caniola:

This might be some other lithosiine:
Update: Apaidia mesogona:

Some geometers I don't know:
Update: Cyclophora pupillaria:

Update: Menophra japygiaria:

Update: male Semiaspilates ochrearia:

Same as above, but a female, I guess:
Update: female Semiaspilates ochrearia:

Update: Tephrina sp.:

Update: Charissa ?mucidarius:

Update: Gymnoscelis rufifasciata:

Update: Idaea fractilineata:

Sorry for poor quality. Idaea sp.?
Update: Idaea elongaria:

Idaea efflorata? I got several specimens, and all are very small -- with a wingspan of less than 1 cm.:
Update: Idaea efflorata:

This, I presume, is Idaea degeneraria:
Update: Idaea degeneraria:

And this one is either a form of the latter -- or another species:
Update: Idaea eugeniata:

Tephronia sepiaria:

A geometer? A noctuid? I have no idea:
Update: Hypotia sp. (Pyralidae):

Unidentified noctuids:
Update: Mythimna sicula:

Update: Microphtha plumigeralis:

Probably the same as above, but worn:
Update: Microphtha plumigeralis:

Sorry for the poor quality again. I guess they are a male and a female of the same species:
Update: Proxenus hospes:

Update: Discestra trifolii:

Update: Spodoptera cilium:

Update: ?Xestia baja:

Update: Condica viscosa:

Spodoptera cilium:

Zebeeba falsalis:

Eublemma parva:

Second species of Eublemma:
Update: Eublemma ostrina:

Ctenoplusia limbirena:

Thanks for any help :)
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