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Фенологические наблюдения и пр.
For Graham Collins and Surrey Moth Recording Scheme | Moths for ID #2 
22nd-Dec-2006 03:26 pm
The second batch contains Noctuids.

Is this Polymixis xanthomista? I got several of those, but the species is not in the 1997 Surrey list:
Update: Hecatera dysodea:

Hypena rostralis:

Of the look-alike daggers there was probably only one species throughout the year, the specimens look very similar to each other. Like this:

Mesapamea secalis/didyma:

Apamea scolopacina:

Mesoligia furuncula:

Oligia ?strigilis:

Oligia latrunculax3 ?
Update: Mesoligia ?furuncula:

Update: Oligia ?latruncula x2:

Diarsia sp. End of July:
Update: ?Xestia xanthographa:

Diarsia sp. End of September:
Update: ?Xestia xanthographa:

Unknown noctuid:
Update: ?Parastichtis ypsillon:

Paradrina clavipalpis? The commonest species of this group:
Update: Paradrina clavipalpis:

Caradrina morpheus:

Hoplodrina spp. These I can't positively identify.
Species #1:
Update: Hoplodrina ambigua:
5 June:

7 June:

Species #2:
Update: Hoplodrina alsines/blanda:
29 June:

27 June:

1 July:

13 July:

Species #3:
Update: Hoplodrina ambigua:
16 August:

21 September:

Thanks :)
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